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Client Stories

Providing analysis and negotiation support for a municipal utility

A municipal utility asked MCR to help determine whether it should be entitled to build a substation based on a desire to be neutrally invested within its pricing zone and to assist with negotiations with the incumbent utility.

Providing cost of capital expert testimony for a joint action agency

A joint action agency requested MCR to provide an analysis to determine a recommended ROE and support the recommended ROE with related expert testimony in anticipation of making a Section 205 rate filing at FERC.

Developing a transmission business plan for a G&T Client

A G&T asked MCR to lead an effort to develop a transmission business plan that articulated a clear vision and identified transmission investment opportunities that would enhance the reliability of cooperative members while also providing revenue that could partially hedge rising transmission rates.

Providing economic analysis of a proposed new transmission investment for a G&T cooperative

A generation and transmission (G&T) cooperative was investment in a highly visible regional transmission project that had complicated cost allocation methods. The client asked MCR to lead the client’s working team in conducting an analysis of the economics of the project and whether there was sufficient value for its members.

Developing a transmission formula rate template for a joint action agency

MCR conducted a quantitative analysis before a joint action agency decided to invest in two major new transmission projects.

Developing transmission rate incentive filings at FERC for a joint action agency

A joint action agency decided to invest in a major new transmission project with other surrounding utilities. MCR assisted with filings to receive transmission rate incentives for the project.

Quantifying economic benefits of joining an RTO as a transmission owner for a municipal utility

A municipal utility client was contemplating membership as a transmission owner in a Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) and asked MCR to provide an independent cost-benefit analysis.

Conducting a transmission formula rate review and education of client staff for a joint action agency

A long time transmission owner in an RTO wanted to ensure that its transmission costs were properly recorded and documented and that its transmission revenue was being optimized when faced with changing RTO formula rate protocols.