Utility Cost Management—A Strategic Approach

Cost management and budgeting in the utility industry are often based on prior year actual numbers and activity, without questioning why specific line items need funding, or evaluating the risk of not funding or carrying out a particular project or activity in a given year. MCR’s nuclear practice has developed a proprietary, strategic approach to facility-wide cost management, capital project evaluation, and capitalization vs expensing decisions with demonstrated savings in the hundreds of millions of dollars. This strategic approach is outlined in our most recent whitepaper.

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Transforming utility company performance through deep industry insights and innovative solutions

MCR is a management consulting firm serving the utilities industry. We are different because we focus on just a few of the critical issues that electric, natural gas and water companies face. Today these issues surround the need to find new opportunities in changing markets, develop new sources of revenue, manage risk, control costs, and achieve fair treatment in the regulatory process.

For over 20 years we have delivered exceptional results for utilities. Our clients tell us that they hire MCR for three principal reasons:

  • We provide expertise that is hard to find elsewhere
  • We deliver measurable results on every project
  • We are easy to work with

Our consulting experts possess deep industry knowledge and are dedicated to the relentless pursuit of creating value for our clients. We bring together teams of our experts to deliver client work and our senior practice leaders are actively involved in every project.

This is who we are and why we are successful.

Frank Craig
President and CEO