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What We Do

Transmission Rate and Cost Analysis

Formula rate reviews for existing transmission owners

MCR conducts reviews of transmission formula rates, (MISO Attach. O, & SPP/PJM Attach. H) to substantiate costs and optimize revenue.

Development of ATRR for new transmission owners

MCR develops cost data to support full RTO revenue recovery for new transmission owners (“TOs”), which involves, for example, developing MISO’s Attachment O, and Attachment H in SPP and PJM.

Review/Challenge to incumbent formula rate costs

MCR reviews neighboring utility transmission costs or RTO cost calculations to ensure transmission charges are appropriate.

Staff education workshops on transmission formula rates

MCR conducts workshops to educate client staff on formula rates and the implications of business changes on ATRR.

FERC Filings

Section 205 rate filings and testimony

MCR provides expert FERC testimony for Section 205 rate filings, including new ATRR filings related to joining MISO, SPP or PJM. Our expertise includes cost of capital, template changes, requests for forward looking test years, project cost sharing and regulatory asset recovery.

Transmission incentive rate filings and testimony

MCR provides analytics, formula rates and testimony for transmission incentives rate applications to FERC. This includes requests for hypothetical capital structure, CWIP, abandoned plant and regulatory asset.

Cost of capital expert testimony

MCR provides expert testimony and analytics to support proposed cost of capital for new formula rates and changes to existing formula rates for public power and G&Ts, including ROE & capital structure.

Intervention and mediation support

MCR provides our clients analytical and intervention response support during intervention, settlement, mediation and hearings.

James Pardikes Direct FERC Testimony Experience

James Pardikes Experience Statement

Strategic Economic Analysis

Development of transmission business plans

MCR works with clients to define issues, goals and strategies, including providing analytic support.

Economic evaluation of new transmission projects

MCR analyzes cash flows of proposed transmission projects. MCR’s Transmission Project Evaluation Tool™ highlights how value is created under various cost allocation and recovery scenarios.

RTO membership evaluations

MCR conducts economic analysis using MCR’s RTO Evaluation Model™ to assess whether to become a TO in an RTO.

Analysis and development of negotiating strategies

MCR provides analytical support in negotiations with incumbents on the appropriate share of investment in a joint pricing zone.

Analysis of the potential purchase or sale of assets

MCR conducts strategic and financial analysis related to value created from buying or selling transmission facilities.

Transmission cost and rate competitiveness analysis

MCR conducts cost and rate analyses for transmission owners, and comparisons with peer utilities.