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Client Stories

Helping a multi-district water utility calculate revenue requirements through implementation of an integrated regulatory analysis system

A water utility with multiple districts wanted a tool to calculate revenue requirements and develop the standard filing requirement reports for one of their states. The utility turned to MCR to address their problem.

Helping Arizona Public Service Company implement MCR’s Cost of Service Tool to achieve greater cost transparency

APS began their search for a new cost of service model in 2017 at the end of a general rate case proceeding. Due to substantial scrutiny of APS’ filing, commission staff and intervenors sought more transparency on the logic, which APS’ existing tool had buried in proprietary code. As part of the final rate order, APS agreed to implement a more transparent cost of service model and engaged MCR to quickly roll out a solution.

Assisting Citizens Electric and Wellsboro Electric analyze their internal processes in preparation for customer choice in Pennsylvania for their customers

The Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission exempted Citizens’ Electric and Wellsboro Electric (the Companies) from having to implement an electronic data interchange (EDI) system associated with customer choice until certain conditions were met. Taking a proactive stance, the Companies asked MCR to facilitate a review of their processes and help solicit bids for a third party vendor to implement the new EDI solution.

Assisting an investor owned utility provide reasonable rate options to its industrial customers

In anticipation of a general rate case and a need to review rate alternatives with their large customers, a large electric utility requested MCR provide an overview of current rate alternatives, regulatory approvals, and an assessment of the utility’s rate menu for large customers.

Helping Atmos Energy Corporation develop and negotiate an alternative ratemaking mechanism in Georgia

Atmos Energy, like many of its peers, was challenged to earn its authorized rate of return with a volumetric-dependent rate design in the face of a decline in distribution revenues on a per-customer basis. Contemplating the need to find alternatives to making periodic, large and expensive rate filings Atmos turned to MCR for help.

Assisting an investor owned utility meet stipulation requirements for filing a future general rate case

An investor owned utility in the Southwest needed to meet the requirements of a Stipulation resolving its last rate case before filing a future rate case. The Stipulation required the design of rates and cost allocation mechanisms for certain large commercial and industrial customers. Needing an outside expert to lead and facilitate the process, the company asked MCR for assistance.

Supporting Duquesne Light Company to design, file and implement energy efficiency programs to meet its Pennsylvania Act 129 obligations

Duquesne Light Company needed to develop cost effective plans that will reduce electricity consumption across their service territory by 1 percent by 2011 and 3% by 2013. In order to meet these requirements Duquesne Light selected MCR to design and file an energy efficiency plan.

Helping a natural gas utility in the Southeast achieve its rate adjustment goals and prepare its staff for work on future proceedings

A natural gas utility in the Southeast, facing a revenue shortfall, was considering a regulatory proceeding to adjust rates and other terms of service before the state regulator. With the objectives of achieving a desired regulatory outcome and building on the existing skills and experience of its internal regulatory staff, the company asked MCR for assistance.