What we do

Finance and Investor Relations

MCR helps our clients better understand capital markets and what’s driving their company’s stock. We provide expert analysis on ownership changes, valuation, dividend policy, peer ownership, analyst recommendations, and market trends. We provide informed investor targeting and activist surveillance. We support investor and board communications ranging from press releases to presentation materials to board and investor events, helping to clearly communicate strategy, goals, and execution.

Corporate Planning

MCR evaluates strategic options ranging from business line and product ideas to merger, acquisition, and divestiture proposals as well as financing alternatives from a non-transactional point of view.  We help our clients evaluate potential changes to business models and regulatory compensatory systems and structures as the utility landscape evolves. We help develop cost-effective solutions to meet changing consumer expectations, regulatory and policy initiatives, rising costs, and incorporation of new technologies and business practices.

Natural Gas and Electric Strategies

We work with senior management to evaluate specific projects or business and regulatory tactics, analyze legislation and regulatory / policy actions. We provide assistance in developing strategic positioning for natural gas utilities, their role in decarbonization and support for electric utility reliability. For electric utilities we offer assistance in addressing electrification, EV’s, renewables and storage.

Regulatory and Finance

We partner with MCR’s Regulatory practice to provide superior solutions in regulatory and finance, advising on equity and credit market capital formation, cost of capital, performance-based ratemaking, and financial communication. We provide cost of capital analysis and expert witness testimony.