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What We Do

Financial forecasting

MCR offers FRSTTM, the only financial forecasting solution in the utility industry. FRSTTM helps our clients develop financial plans, evaluate strategies, quantify risks and manage cash flow.

Enterprise risk management

We conduct enterprise risk management diagnostics to provide a comprehensive understanding of a company’s current ability to identify and manage risks. Using Monte Carlo simulation tools combined with FRSTTM, we quantify risks and incorporate our calculations into financial forecasts of earnings and cash flow.

Strategic planning

MCR engages client teams to set strategic direction, develop operational plans and create meaningful performance metrics and targets. Our data-driven analytic approach helps our clients understand the key issues they face and assess their potential strategic options.

Capital allocation

We evaluate capital projects using a risk-based approach to assess multiple alternatives and provide objective insights into the best option. We engage middle and senior management teams in the process of determining the optimal portfolio of capital projects.

Financial processes and systems

We assist clients in defining and selecting the right technologies to support a wide variety of financial processes. We support implementation of selected solutions and ensure the alignment of technology with processes and organizations.