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MCR Team

Frank Craig, Founding Partner

Frank is a co-founder and partner of MCR. He has over 30 years of management consulting and business experience in the utilities industry. His has worked extensively for electric and gas utility clients advising them in areas of financial and operational processes and information systems, financial planning, budgeting, capital planning and rates and revenue requirements.

Prior to founding MCR, Frank was Senior Vice President at Utilities International, Inc., where he led the financial forecasting and modeling solutions group. Before that he was at Navigant Consulting where he specialized in facilitating management audits, improving accounting, financial and operational management processes; and implementing business management technologies. Frank began his energy career at Public Service Company of New Mexico, where he was Director of Corporate Financial Planning and Investor Relations.

Frank has authored numerous articles and white papers for Electric Light & Power Magazine and Energy Central. He holds an MBA in information technology and a BBA in finance and economics from the University of New Mexico.

Len Rubin, Founding Partner

Len is a co-founder and partner of MCR. With over 30 years of consulting experience dedicated to the utility and energy industries, Len has leveraged his functional expertise to address numerous and varied client issues. By combining his finance and accounting acumen, knowledge of information technology solutions and his broad understanding of his clients’ issues and needs, Len has been able to successfully design and implement a wide variety of process and solutions in the areas of enterprise risk management, performance budgeting, capital management, cash management and financial information management. Len has authored numerous white papers and articles on these subjects.

Prior to founding MCR, Len was an officer with CSC Planmetrics, where he managed numerous engagements primarily focused on the areas of corporate performance management, financial management, information systems, shared services, growth strategy and new business launch. He holds an MBA in finance from the University of Chicago and both an MA and BA in Regional Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

Tom Crooks, Vice President

Tom Crooks has more than 30 years of energy industry experience and is the Vice President of MCR’s Energy Efficiency practice. Tom possesses a comprehensive understanding of the technical, financial and programmatic approaches to energy-efficiency and direct load control. Tom planned, implemented and evaluated energy efficiency programs for utilities located throughout the U.S. He has been retained by utilities,  generation cooperatives, state agencies, industry associations and large end-use energy consumers located throughout North America.

Cindy Menhorn, Vice President

Cindy is a Vice President of Regulatory Services at MCR. She has over 30 years of experience in rates, energy efficiency, load research, revenue forecasting, cost allocation and regulatory affairs, including work on over 80 rate cases and testimony before numerous state commissions. She has directed a multifunctional rate department, managing all aspects of electric rate case development, including development of revenue requirements, cost of service studies, revenue allocation and rate design, rate case strategy, testimony development and interrogatory response development.

Jim Pardikes, Vice President

Jim Pardikes is a Vice President at MCR and leads the Transmission Strategy Practice. He has 33 years of experience consulting to the utility industry, including public power and G&Ts in MISO and SPP. His expertise includes electric transmission cost recovery, public power cost of capital and capital project economic evaluation. Jim has extensive experience providing expert transmission testimony at FERC for joint action agencies, municipals and G&Ts, facilitating client working teams and presenting to executive management and Boards of Directors. Jim has written on many transmission-related topics, such as factors in RTO membership and making the case for transmission incentives.

Tim Schlimpert, Vice President

Tim is a Vice President at MCR and leads the Nuclear Generation practice. He has more than 30 years of utility industry experience in nuclear power plant operations, maintenance, work control, business operations, process improvement and technology solutions, and has achieved significant performance improvements for his clients. Tim provides the often elusive connection between corporate strategy, long-range planning/budgeting, work management and technology through industry-leading life cycle management practices.

Dave Thompson, Vice President

Dave is a Vice President of Financial Advisory at MCR. With over 20 years of management consulting experience to utilities, Dave has developed significant expertise in crafting innovative business solutions and sophisticated analytics in connection with strategic planning, risk management and financial planning initiatives. Dave played a key role in developing MCR’s Financial Risk and Strategy Tool, which has been implemented at electric, gas and water utility IOUs, G&Ts and municipals.

Mike Murphy, Vice President

Mike has over two decades of experience in the development and implementation of business management software, data warehousing and document management applications. As a Vice President at MCR, he designs, develops and deploys data warehouse and reporting solutions, using MCR technology and client-specified tools and technology. Mike has deep expertise in working with and implementing information systems for nuclear generation plants, including equipment reliability, system health management, work management, long range planning, budgeting and reporting.

Ron Kennedy, Director

Ron Kennedy is a Director with MCR. He has 15 years of experience consulting to the utility industry, including public power, G&Ts and IOUs. His expertise includes development and review of annual transmission revenue requirement (ATRR) cost data and RTO protocol compliance, FERC filings for Section 205 rate changes and transmission rate incentives, and evaluation of major capital projects. Ron has worked with dozens of public power and G&T clients on economic evaluations of RTO membership, economic and risk analysis of transmission projects and development of formula rates. Ron has presented to numerous executive teams and Boards of Directors.

Jesus Preciado, Director

Jesus is a Director in MCR’s Energy Efficiency practice. With 18 years of professional work in the field, Jesus has extensive experience with energy and environmental programs, including energy efficiency, demand response, load management, distributed generation, greenhouse gases, and renewables. Jesus has a deep understanding of clean technologies, business operations, finance, budgeting, engineering and contract negotiation. Jesus is bilingual, speaking English and Spanish fluently.

Ed Schmidt, Director

Ed is a Director in MCR’s Energy Efficiency practice. He has 25 years of experience in energy efficiency and resource planning, forecasting, rates and regulation in both gas and electric utilities. His expertise includes all aspects of energy efficiency program policy, planning, program design and implementation, as well as utility regulatory policy analysis and testimony. He has presented to a variety of audiences, including The Executive Office of the President, US Department of Energy, US Environmental Protection Agency, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy and The Energy Foundation.

Melanie Gillette, Manager

Melanie Gillette is a Manager in MCR’s Energy Efficiency practice. She has over 25 years of experience in utility industry, demand response, energy efficiency and distributed energy resources policy as well as a strong background in project management. Melanie has led policy teams; formed strong industry coalitions; written legal briefs and expert testimony; advocated at numerous state commissions; managed large, multi-year efficiency and transmission projects; and represented a variety of interests within the energy industry.

Jacob Hannan, Manager

Jacob is a Manager in the Energy Efficiency practice at MCR. He has over 10 years of experience in energy efficiency, data analysis, and research. His expertise includes demand side management (policy, planning, and management) and data science (wrangling, modeling, and visualization). He has served on the Planning Committee of DOE’s Technical Information Network for Solid-State Lighting, committees for the Consortium for Energy Efficiency, and several other national and regional organizations focused on energy efficiency.

Dan Rupp, Manager

With over 20 years of industry and consulting experience, Dan is a Manager at MCR. Dan transforms client financial forecasting capabilities by implementing MCR’s Financial Risk and Strategy Tool and other sophisticated modeling applications. He helps provide management with insights on the impacts of alternative short- and long-term strategies and changing business and market conditions. A recognized industry expert in the area of financial and economic modeling, Dan has worked with numerous energy companies in over 30 engagements, including IOU’s, G&T’s and municipalities.

Richard Milward, Lead Consultant

Richard Milward is a Lead Consultant in MCR’s Energy Efficiency practice. He has over 20 years of electric utility industry experience in evaluating energy efficiency program impact in all sectors employing a variety of evaluation techniques; implementing and administering Strategic Energy Management (SEM) in industrial facilities; evaluating industrial and commercial SEM programs; empirical energy modeling using regression techniques for utility reporting; and teaching all varieties of technical, mathematical, and statistical concepts to trainees possessing a wide range of subject knowledge.