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What We Do

Zero-base budgeting

We reduce and control O&M costs by working with budget owners to justify all budget expenditures from a baseline of zero. Our “challenge process” uses a peer review method to assess each budget line item and determine the ability to adjust the amount and timing of each expenditure.

Capital project evaluation

MCR optimizes capital project spending by preparing robust business cases with creative alternatives and quantifying reliability and safety risk. We establish and facilitate a client Executive Review Team to review the business cases and make the final spending decisions.

Life cycle management planning

Our experts develop life cycle management (LCM) plans, which help maintain the long-term health of key plant systems. The plans improve management’s ability to achieve safety and reliability objectives, while optimizing long-term expenses and capital investment.

Long range planning

MCR develops and implements strategies for improving long range planning processes and supporting information systems with a focus on equipment reliability, work force planning, outage planning and budgeting.

Management reporting

We develop and implement improvements to management reporting processes and reporting systems to provide management with greater visibility and understanding of O&M, capital and outage costs, and cost drivers.

Capitalization policies and procedures

Our experts review, analyze and benchmark capitalization policies to ensure management is capitalizing all allowable costs. The MCR units of property catalogue and database provide clear capitalization guidance, which reduce staff time spent on analyzing capital funding requests.