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Improving long range planning processes and systems for the operator of a large nuclear fleet

“We have benefited greatly from MCR’s unique skill set. Their understanding of the business combined with knowledge of our processes and tools along with extensive IT expertise have proven invaluable. MCR’s vision and leadership have greatly contributed to the effectiveness of our planning process and continue to move us forward.”

—Lead Engineer, Corporate Finance


An operator of multiple nuclear facilities had a vision and master plan to sustain the business and achieve excellence by supporting good near-term operational decisions and laying the groundwork for long-term success. A key component of the master plan was to create a strong business planning culture across the nuclear fleet and overhaul its long range planning processes and tools.


MCR worked with our client’s nuclear engineering and business personnel to identify improvement opportunities for key processes. Improvements to the planning processes addressed inadequate integration, financial risks, lack of alternatives in evaluation of projects, and inconsistencies in spending reviews and approvals.

We developed a business requirements definition to lay out the desired end state processes. A functional and technical specification was also developed as an enterprise tool to support standardization and integration of the processes.


The project resulted in vendor selection and subsequent implementation of an industry leading planning platform supporting data and process integration for the business planning cycle. The planning process improvements streamlined the efforts to identify, document, schedule and approve long range plans for each plant and presented an integrated fleet-wide plan. ​