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As a knowledge-based consulting firm, MCR’s success is driven by the quality of our staff. We carefully build teams of experts to ensure we deliver exceptional results for our clients. Therefore, we take our recruiting efforts seriously, making sure we find the right people to join our MCR team.

A career at MCR means accepting a wide variety of responsibilities and delivering top-notch work products to our clients. Anticipate a rapid integration into our firm and our work. Be ready to jump right in with your expertise and knowledge. Expect to be challenged.

Our Company

MCR is a management consulting firm specializing in the energy industry. We work on many types of assignments, but one thing remains constant: our work improves our clients’ abilities to do what they do. We work on projects to improve our clients’ strategies, operations, processes, finances, forecasting, organizational designs, economics, testimony, and business cases. Our practice areas include Regulatory Services, Energy Efficiency, Transmission Strategy, Nuclear Generation, and Financial Advisory.

Our Staff

MCR staff is a group of highly motivated professionals exhibiting intellectual curiosity and displaying a drive to develop creative solutions to challenging business issues. Our team leverages a solid foundation of deep knowledge, insights and experience in all aspects of the energy industry.

Our Culture

When you join MCR, you will have opportunities to work with, learn from and grow with all levels of our staff, within MCR and at our client sites. Regardless of project location or type of assignment, MCR leaders and staff remain true to our core values:

  • Intellectual Capital. Achieving a deep understanding of the energy industry and the possibilities inherent in creating operational excellence
  • Market Presence. Delivering to the marketplace the MCR message: “We will transform the performance of our clients, making a real difference for our clients and the industry”
  • Quality. Providing the highest quality deliverables possible to our clients
  • Innovation. Pushing our staff and our clients to raise their ambition and continually reach for the next level of achievement
  • Commitment and Accountability. Taking personal initiative to make MCR a successful and enjoyable place to work
  • Teamwork. Collaborating with each other and with our clients to create results

Our Advantage

MCR is a boutique consulting firm offering unique benefits to our staff. Our consultants tell us they chose MCR for our…

  • Collegial Atmosphere. Whether writing a paper, developing a business relationship, creating a proposal or working on a client project, we work together towards successful outcomes
  • Autonomy. MCR leaders don’t micromanage; they encourage you to create your own winning solution
  • Variety. Each project is different from the one before it; even when project topics are the same, every client has a different mix of capabilities and personalities
  • Responsibility. In a small company, everyone is responsible for delivering a high-quality work product, which means consultants are given an opportunity to have multiple roles on any given project
  • Exposure. New consultants work with and learn from high-level management, while seasoned personnel have the opportunity to guide and advise those new to the utility consulting industry
  • Making a Difference. From finding significant savings to analyzing complicated issues to transferring our knowledge, our consultants deliver significant value to our clients