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Client Stories

Achieving optimized funding through a value-based decision-making process

The nuclear division of a large southern utility was challenged with transitioning from subjective risk assessment to a value-based process for evaluating capital projects. Our client contacted MCR to help them implement a system to improve their ability to compete for nuclear project funding.

Helping a generation business unit optimize preventive maintenance projects during an outage

A generation business unit was planning the maintenance outage scope for its nuclear plant and had an extensive list of Preventive Maintenance projects as candidates for inclusion in the outage plan. Given the high cost of having the plant offline for maintenance work, the generation business unit reached out to MCR to help optimize the number of Preventive Maintenance projects undertaken at its nuclear plant during the outage.

Undergoing cost reduction through risk informed budgeting for a large Southwest municipal utility

The Chief Operating Officer of a large southwest municipal utility wanted more transparency and rigor in the budgeting process in order to identify areas for significant cost reduction. With significant O&M cost reduction as the goal, the Chief Operating Officer approached MCR for help.

Achieving cost reduction through risk informed budgeting for a top-10 municipal utility

A municipal utility wanted to implement a sustainable methodology to provide visibility into cost drivers, maximize each budget dollar, and help management ensure credible budget targets for the future; the utility engaged MCR due to our extensive experience in providing consulting services in risk informed budgeting.

Updating a unit of property catalogue for a government utility

A government utility needed to expedite completion of the catalogue review and update, ensure quality of the final deliverables and minimize overall cost; the utility enlisted the assistance of MCR.

Helping a large dual unit station achieve significant reductions in O&M costs

A large dual unit station in the west needed to reduce O&M costs in order to become more competitive in its market and asked MCR to help.

Improving long range planning processes and systems for the operator of a large nuclear fleet

An operator of multiple nuclear facilities had a vision and master plan to sustain the business and achieve excellence by supporting good near-term operational decisions and laying the groundwork for long-term success. A key component of the master plan was to create a strong business planning culture across the nuclear organization.

Integrating capitalization policies and units of property for a nuclear fleet merger

Upon completing its merger with another utility, our client needed to integrate its capitalization policies and unit of property (UoP) catalogues for its expanded nuclear fleet and overall utility property. The merger presented an opportunity to align capitalization policies, incorporate best practices and resolve previous organizational disputes. MCR had previously worked with our client on UoP catalogue integration for its merger with a former utility and was asked to assist again.

Optimizing capital spending for a large nuclear fleet

A large utility in the south had a strategic objective to become the best managed nuclear fleet in the nation as measured by its ability to achieve a rank of first or second among all US nuclear fleets in key performance indicators. The nuclear organization identified MCR’s unique approach to developing business cases as a best practice and asked us to work with their staff for implementation.

Determining and managing long-term costs and reliability with life cycle management plans for a nuclear operation in the south

A large utility in the south operates a fleet of three nuclear plants that were facing uncertain future investment requirements. The company decided to develop life cycle management plans (LCM) plans for key plant systems across the nuclear fleet and chose MCR to help.