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What We Do

Strategy and Program Design

Energy efficiency strategy

We represent our clients in stakeholder proceedings to help shape energy efficiency policy and regulatory outcomes. We develop energy efficiency strategies that are responsive to regulatory decisions, compliance targets and specific customer sector treatment. Our strategies are designed to reach regional building stocks and achieve energy savings targets within authorized funding levels.

Program planning and design

MCR develops forecasts of technical, economic and achievable energy efficiency potential. We achieve energy efficiency potential by designing programs with proven market-segment-driven delivery channels and by incorporating current and comprehensive technologies and practices.

Energy and water nexus management

We develop water conservation strategies and efficiency improvements to water and wastewater treatment processes that save significant amounts of energy. We help water and energy utilities to realize the potential of the water-energy nexus to optimize both water and energy efficiency programs and projects.

Process and Data Management

Operational process improvement

We analyze the operating processes of energy efficiency organizations and improve how they plan, implement and evaluate the programs in their energy efficiency portfolios.

Data management and reporting

MCR analyzes energy efficiency program data management and reporting systems and identifies opportunities for improving existing systems. We develop business requirements for new reporting systems and assist in the selection, implementation and rollout of new systems.

Stakeholder interface and communication management

We provide issues analysis and hands on assistance in managing relationships with regulators, key customers, EM&V evaluators, consumer groups and other stakeholders.

Program Implementation

Program management

MCR provides overall program management and oversight of third-party implementation vendors. Our program implementation service includes developing RFPs and contractor statements of work, and facilitating vendor selection. We perform quality assurance functions to include project review, site verifications and preparation of responses to evaluator data requests.

Project development

We develop site-specific, engineering-based energy efficiency projects, often pursuant to a memoranda of understanding directly between our utility clients and their largest customers. The projects include retro-commissioning of municipal, university, school and healthcare facilities or may take the form of public agency partnerships where local governmental organizations are engaged to partner in undertaking high value energy efficiency projects.