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Financial and Regulatory Strategy Tool

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MCR’s Financial and Regulatory Strategy Tool (FRST™) is the financial modeling tool of choice for finance professionals who want a sophisticated planning tool that is easy to operate without the overhead, software coding and expense of proprietary “black box” models on the market.

FRST™ is written in Excel with a unique structure that manages large amounts of data, yet requires no coding, and allows users to quickly change the model’s logic and reports to address changing business needs. With its flexible data loading and mapping function, users can easily load data from budgeting, general ledger and capital asset systems; and, FRSTTM seamlessly integrates with production cost and gas supply planning models.

The FRST™ reporting facility is often cited as a favored feature. It has the ability to define a virtually unlimited number of time periods and levels of detail for analyzing financial and operating data. Analysts can quickly compare the results of multiple planning scenarios and perform variance reporting of budget vs. actuals and budget to forecast.

FRST™ is the market leader in modeling utility risk analysis. The risk analytics function uses our proprietary templates and logic, including most utility-related risks, and integrates with Crystal Ball™ and @Risk™ to run thousands of scenarios in seconds. The reports provide management with a complete view of enterprise risk with key measures that include Earnings at Risk, Cash Flow at Risk and Capital Adequacy.

Why our clients choose FRST™…

  • Open, flexible model
  • Fast processing
  • Robust reporting & analysis
  • Risk analysis capabilities
  • Knowledgeable consultants
  • Easy to work with consultants
  • Fast implementation (less than 8 weeks)
  • Value (1/3 the cost of the competitors)

What our FRST™ clients are saying…

“It was lightning speed ahead of our prior model. With FRSTTM, we could create more reports, more dimensions in a fraction of the time. There hasn’t been a need that’s come up that we haven’t been able to solve with FRSTTM.”

“We liked that FRST™ is Excel-based and has the balance sheet and cash flow forecasting. Anyone can own it, so we could easily make changes within Excel.”

“We use FRST™ for executive management purposes in terms of looking at strategic issues, looking at financial information to provide credit agencies, earnings outlook for investment analysts. It is our budgeting tool from an income statement perspective.”

“MCR has a great product and delivered exactly what we needed. They have a skillset that’s unique to the utility industry.”

“There’s no doubt FRST™ has enabled us to have a much better handle on our key financial metrics and requirements, and to be able to articulate those requirements to the Board and to regulators.”

“The initial development and flexibility of FRST™ just blew us away. With MCR’s knowledge of utilities and experience in forecasting, implementing the FRST™ model worked really quite well.”

FRST™ supports electric, natural gas and water utilities. To learn more, download the brochure that fits your corporate structure.