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Contemporary Ratemaking Course (brochure)

A number of MCR’s clients have expressed a need for a comprehensive ratemaking course for their internal regulatory teams. While there are certainly a number of existing alternative rate classes to choose from, they don’t always fit a utility’s needs because they:

  • Lack a utility focus
  • Include consumer advocates and commission staffs as participants and presenters
  • Tend to be rather expensive, especially when travel costs are considered
  • Use a one-size-fits-all approach that is not well suited to a specific utility’s needs

MCR’s “Contemporary Ratemaking” training course addresses the issues mentioned above and helps our clients increase their staff’s understanding of the regulatory process and enhance their skills in becoming better cost of service and rate design professionals.

The course is customized to meet our client’s specific needs, including those from rates, legal, accounting and operations. Some of the participants are relatively new to rates and regulation and others are more experienced. To meet the needs of both, the course is held over multiple days and is designed to cover the fundamentals, advanced ratemaking and hot topics.

Download the contemporary ratemaking course brochure