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MCR’s Cost and Rate Competitiveness Services (brochure)

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MCR provides transmission strategy support to municipals, public power districts, joint action agencies, G&Ts, T&D cooperatives, and independent transmission developers in various RTOs. Our clients have a goal of optimizing the value of their current and future investments in electric transmission. We help them understand their costs and realize the full revenue potential from these transmission assets. MCR’s Transmission Strategy practice provides the following services:

Transmission Cost/Rate Competitiveness (see earlier pages for more detail)

  • Peer Cost Comparison by FERC Account
  • Rate Strategy and Transmission Revenue Forecasting
  • Transmission Capital Investment and Metric Comparisons

Transmission Formula Rate Analysis

  • Formula Rate Review for Existing Transmission Owners
  • Development of ATRR for New Transmission Owners
  • Review/Challenge to Incumbent IOU Formula Rate Costs
  • Staff Education Workshops on Transmission Formula Rates

FERC Filings

  • Section 205 Rate Filings – Testimony and Formula Rate Support
  • Transmission Incentive Rate Filings and Testimony
  • Cost of Capital Expert Testimony
  • Intervention and Settlement Support

Strategic Economic Analysis

  • Analysis of Joint Zone Investment and FERC 7-Factor Test
  • Analysis of Potential Purchase or Sale of Transmission Assets
  • Economic Evaluation of New Transmission Projects
  • RTO Membership Evaluation
  • Development of Transmission Business Plans